Our offer?

Growth. Personal development. Challenges. Valuable professional reputation. A career.

Whether or not you’re an active or passive candidate, it’s good to know about our open jobs. But only if you refuse to settle for mediocrity. If you want to spend your days doing something that inspires you. If you want to make a living doing something that matters. If so, you’re one of our kind.

First let me address an unspoken question: Why this Career Page is in English? Only because you’ll learn a lot! Training all over Europe. Tons of technical stuff from our foreign suppliers. Webcasts with them. Talking, negotiating, solving issues with them. You just can’t become a high valuable professional without being learning obsessed. Don’t worry. We’ll guide you through everything — but English. So you have to have a good working comprehension of English.

Openings — Technical & Sales Department.

Matching our client’s demands with the best offer. Guiding their search for the best suitable equipment. Taking care that they gain the best return on investment for their buyings. Crafting custom, high-end solutions for their unique needs. Visiting them all across the country. And — the most important! — building and nurturing professional relationships. Preparing and delivering killer presentations, both online and offline. In a nutshell, continuously adding value — to them, to you, to our brand.

Your gain?

You’ll become proficient in the most coveted, high-tech, software-based test and measurement equipment. You’ll have full access to sought-after skills such as high-value sales and customer relationship marketing. You’ll build a valuable professional network.



Opening — Repair Department.

Applying repair procedures to test equipment. Performing corrective actions to address identified measurement problems. Covering a critical need of our clients, both in one of the best-equipped laboratory and on-site.

Your gain?

You’ll become proficient in the high-priced knowledge of measurement science. Thorough understanding and practice of a vast range of equipment. You’ll build a valuable professional network.




But maybe you would like to hear the positives and negatives from real professional staff members — not the marketing gloss. Real people, Real jobs. What’s a realistic day in the life of a person in that job? Good and bad. No job is perfect. Connect with the insiders. Nothing like hearing straight from the horse’s mouth.

Pick whoever you like — just take a look at our team chart.
Ask also about specific job requirements. For instance, graduating an Electronics or Electrical Engineering University is almost mandatory for binding with a successful career in the Sales and Technical, Metrology or Repair Departments. Otherwise, at least a burning passion for electronics or electrical engineering that you can prove.


Please, do not send us a one-size-fits-all CV. If you try to write a ‘universal’ CV, you will almost always fail. You’ll be unfocused. You’ll miss the critical points, and you will most likely not succeed in obtaining the job — or at least not the one that could boost your career, the one that could add real market value on your profile. So please don’t be lazy and write from scratch your CV for the position you’re aiming in our company.


Also, ‘responsible for’ is a weak opener. Have you ever thought that you could be ‘responsible for’ something actually and not do it? We care about what you did, about your accomplishments, and not about your duties at your previous or actual job.

Try to avoid any generic language. Focus on accomplishments, use quantifiable achievements like numbers and names. Write about revenue increases, cost and time savings, the size of your accounts, the big-name clients you served. The more you can quantify what you’ve done, the more you will come across as a contributor who will be valuable in our organization. Simply think about your previous positions from this perspective: What did things look like before you got there? What did you do to make a difference? What were the results?


As a general rule of thumb, every line of your CV should answer the essential question “They will hire ME over other professionals because …”? Tell us how are you first, only, faster, or better than other people who want the job. What are you offering that’s hard to come by? What are you offering that’s both rare and valuable?


Prepare well your approach. Understand what’s expected of the role.

And come on, join us!

We’re open. We’re constantly looking for talented people with the global mindset, competencies and commitment to create and execute strategy both today and in an increasingly challenging future!